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Create products
your customers will love

Developing products that people use, love and talk about is the culmination of product experience.


That’s why you must nail your product development and lifecycle management—whether you’re building a product from scratch or improving an existing product, listening to customers can mean the difference between success and failure.


Insight powered innovation

Not all innovation is equal. There is good innovation and there is bad innovation. Threefold help leading brands do good innovation better.

Good innovation is driven by human needs and succeeds by solving the tensions that exist in people’s real lives.  These needs are best understood by looking at life from a variety of perspectives, so that we understand not just what people need in their lives, but also what we need to do and communicate to ensure innovation is adopted.


Concept testing & optimisation

Product concept testing is about maximising the odds of success for your new product.  Ensuring what you are creating, will be something the market wants to buy.


Our approach with product concept testing is to go early and iterate quickly.  This requires a highly collaborative approach with you and your team to drive the right decisions.


Pricing research

The right price means you can capture maximum revenue from your products. Pricing research helps you find the optimal price point to both entice buyers and grow sustainable market share.

Depending on your product and the context, we typically adopt one of the pricing research methods.

- Conjoint Analysis

- Van Westendrop Price Sensitivity Meter
- Gabor-Granger Technique



Product & innovation
challenges we love

What are the unfulfilled needs in our market?

What opportunities exist to expand our product range through adjacencies?

How do we ensure our new product is a success?

How can we optimise our current product experience for success?

What price should I be charging to maximise profit?

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